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a project by the German-American Heritage Foundation

German immigrants have fundamentally and profoundly shaped the country we know today: popular foods like hamburgers and hot dogs, Christmas and Easter traditions, architectural wonders and inventions, and even the way we dress (blue jeans were created by businessman Levi Strauss who hailed from Buttenheim, Bavaria) showcase the creativity, energy and entrepreneurial spirit of German-Americans. In 2020, the German-American Heritage Foundation of the USA® received a grant from the German Embassy in Washington, DC to develop a map-based Website directory that brings together German-American social clubs and organizations, historic sites, such as Germantown, Pennsylvania, Little Germany in Manhattan, other landmarks and settlements, businesses and restaurants, as well as schools, museums, and educational institutions that show how German-American culture continues to thrive today. This online directory, reminiscent of Yelp and similar sites, is the first of its kind to collectively inform about German-American places, people and organizations — whether historic or current in all 50 states. It is a unique opportunity to promote your business, your organization, its activities, events, and programs, to a large audience. A Website of this scale is never static, and we look forward to partnering with you, and hope that you will help us by spreading the word and making this a truly comprehensive site.

This Website has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the German Embassy in Washington, DC.